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Choice Experiences provides unique experiences while exposing children and families to real world math. Through applying math to real world experiences, children engage. Engagement creates memories. Memories make math real. While some of the experiences have set dates when you can join them, most are scheduled by you!


What makes Choice Experiences different? You! You choose when to schedule an experience. You choose how many kids will participate. You choose where the experience will take place! If you can envision how to implement a Choice Experience then together we can make it happen (within resonable expectations of course)...

The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.

- Tony Robbins

Ways to implement Choice Experiences:


Homeschool Experiences

Homeschool groups can integrate any of the Choice Experiences into their curriculum. Always think outside the box... a Choice Experience can be used as a beginning or end of school year activity before or after your weekly activities take place. Or as a break during the school year. Although it's good to have a few successive days, most Choice Experiences can be broken up and tailored to your needs. For example, you could host a Farm to Table Choice Experience once a week over a semester or GeoCafe twice a week for a month. Consider what works for your situation, then email me for more information!

School Experiences

Looking for programs to fulfill your STEM or STEAM requirements? Choice Experiences is here for you. The GeoDome provides a unique opportunity to engage students in math, architecture, art and problem solving. Choice Experiences offers half day and full day workshops for schools. Consider partnering with other schools. Utilize the curriculum materials provided pre- or post- workshop. When utilizing grants, pay attention to deadlines.

Summer Experiences

Summer Experiences are a unique way to engage your children and their friends in math. Consider hosting GeoCafe for a week this summer. Looking for something for you children to do during a school holiday? GeoCafe or Farm to Table can be tailored to meet your needs. Having a family reunion or looking for a unique experience for a work retreat, consider creating the GeoDome. The possibilities are endless.

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