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Farm to Table

The Farm to Table Experience is works great for tweens and teens ages 11 to 16. If you are a Homeschool group and would like to integrate this experience into your curriculum during the school year, contact me. 



When it comes to farming and cooking, math is everywhere! Cooks use ratios to modify recipes and farmers are constantly calculating how much area they need for their crops or animals. Ever need to double or triple a recipe? Or wonder how large of a coop you need? 


During our two-week FARM TO TABLE experience, teens and tweens will apply real world math to everything from running a farm to running a restaurant. Through cooking, nutritional analysis, unit pricing, farming and other hands-on activities, teens and tweens will learn about the math behind running a farm and creating a restaurant. During the second week, participants host a restaurant night for their friends and family. Following the event, we will calculate profit and loss and partake in an ice-cream making challenge! 


Mathematical concepts applied include: unit pricing, measurement, ratio, fractions, conversions, reading tables, natural logarithms (teens), scatter graphs and best line of fit (teens), making change, calculating profit & loss, area, volume and more!

A Choice Experience
Farm to Table is also available as a Choice Experience. Email for details. 


You Choose the Week and Time

You decide which week to run Farm to Table! Farm to Table can be run as a one-week or two-week experience. If you choose to run Farm-To-Table as a one-week experience, the focus will be more on the Restaurant Night and not include the farm experiences.


You Choose the Audience

Farm to Table works great as both a homeschool experience and a summer experience. If you wish to integrate Farm to Table into your homeschool curriculum, feel free to contact me directly, as the program can be tailored to meet your needs.


You Choose the Size

Farm to Table costs $400 per participant per week. Experiences must have a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 5 participants ages 11 - 16.

You Choose the Location

FARM TO TABLE experience takes place in your home or a location of your choosing.


The Details

Cost: $400 per participant per week

Number of Participants: Minimum 2 Maximum 4

Number of Weeks: 1 or 2 consecutive weeks

Hours: 6 hours per day (except Restaurant Night is extended)


Restaurant Night: TBD by You

Option 1: Participants host a dinner party (prepared and served by participants; "catering bill" paid by hosts )

Option 2: Participants host a Restaurant Night (prepared and served by participants; guests pay menu prices)


Note: The teens and tweens will plan, prepare and price the menu items for restaurant night. Anyone who comes to Restaurant Night will be charged for their meals. Once profit (or loss is calculated), participants will share any proceeds from the evening. Participants will not be charged for a loss.

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