Math, Science, art and architecture all converge as teams of participants work together to build a variety of polyhedral geometric structures. Participants construct several two-story geodesic domes seating 30 people each!


Utilizing c-pvc pipe to erect large scale geostructures, participants visualize the terminology, principles, relationships and real world relevance of their constructions. An immensely rich source for integrating across the curriculum and reinforcing the STEAM frameworks.

A Choice Experience
You Choose the Location

To build the GeoDome you need access to a gymnasium or large open space. Weather permitting, GeoDomes can be built outdoors.  For locations outside of Hunterdon County, NJ, please contact me.


You Choose the Day and Time

You decide when to host a GeoDome Experience! You decide what time you'd like to start. On average, it takes 1 hour to set up and take down the GeoDome. 


You Choose the Audience

The GeoDome Experience works great as a homeschool experience, a summer experience or a school experience. This Choice Experience is most appropriate for grades two through six, though children as young as 5 years old have participated. Or think outside the box (that's what we do!)... having a family gathering or work retreat, bring everyone together by building a GeoDome.


You Choose the Size

You need at least 20 people working together in order to erect the GeoDome. Groups can be as large as 30 participants per GeoDome. The GeoDome is charged by experience and not by number of participants.

The GeoDome Experience works great as HomeSchool Experience, School Experience or Summer Experience.